Khamit Kinks Recommend Consultations

At Khamit Kinks we highly recommend that most clients come into the salon for a consultation before we book an appointment for them to have their hair done, especially if they are coming to us for the first time. But recently we have had a number of potential clients complain about our process for making an appointment. Consultations are in most cases, a much needed and valuable use of your time and ours; as we get to know your sensibilities, your style and taste and the condition of your hair. And you get to check us out and see if this is where you actually want to have your hair done.



The Complaint

The complaint of many, is that they don’t have the time to come into the salon twice, once for the consultation and then again for their hair appointment. I certainly understand that people are very busy and have little time to trek somewhere twice. But can I tell you how many times in the past without first having a consultation, clients were booked but then unable to get the style they were booked for? It has been too many times to count. This disconnect often happens because what is shared over the phone doesn’t align with what the client’s hair is actually like? This type of experience ends in disappointment and a waste of time on both sides; something that could have been easily avoided with an in-person consultation.

Those Who Don’t Need A Consultation

For sure, not every single client needs a consult. There are basically three styles that don’t necessarily require a consultation and those styles are clients wearing short haircuts, basic haircuts and Locs. For almost every other style, it is typically best that we have the opportunity to see you and see and feel your hair, in person, before booking a first time appointment with us.  In most cases, the process of having a consultation, garners the very best results.  The other exception of one who may not need a consultation is the client who knows that their hair is healthy and knows without a doubt that their texture can support the style they want, these clients may not need a consultation. But it is often the case that clients are not aware of some of the limitations of their own hair or the limitations, upkeep or skills required of the hairstyle they desire to have.

Returning Clients

99% of returning clients don’t need to have a consult. But consultations are also recommended to those returning clients who are thinking of going in a different direction with their hair. Or it may be the case that you and your Stylist, are noticing changes in your hair or scalp that need to be addressed. At that point a consultation is in order for both returning and established clients.

Meet Our Consultant –Taeisha Black

Taeisha Black

In charge of our Consultations is Khamit Kink’s long time Manager, Taeisha Black. Taeisha is a New York State licensed cosmetologist and a licensed esthetician who has been with us for 15 years. Taeisha’s passion for her work and her love of people and hair comes through clearly in every consultation. Taeisha has very keen insight and first hand experience in all of our styles and techniques. She is keen on matching clients with the Stylist who will be a complimentary match for the client. Taeisha also represents all that Khamit Kinks stands for when it comes to giving you a level of service that we believe every client deserves. She gives of herself fully to understand what your needs and desires are. Taeisha makes every effort to give you what it is your hair and lifestyle can support. If you or your hair is unable to support the style you desire, she is not going to mince words and mislead about what is truly possible for your hair.

Healthy Hair Is The Best Hair

At Khamit Kinks we believe healthy hair is the best hair.  Therefore we are not going to support you having a hairstyle that will stress your hair or impact in a negative way the overall health and integrity of your hair. We have had any number of clients decide to do business else where so that they can get what they want.  And inevitably those who end up seeing the light, return to us realizing that in the end we were right about what would and what would not support their hair.  We are all about sustainability when it comes to the health and beauty of your hair and it has been that way since the beginning. We are not new to natural, we are true to natural and have been for over three decades. This may be a trend for many, but this is our livelihood and we take it seriously.

Other Consultation Options

Those clients who live out of town or those whose schedules make it impossible to book an in-person consultation, we can start by booking a telephone consultation.  We will probably ask you to send images of you and your hair to support our ability to consult with you. We are also available via Skype and Face Time by appointment. When coming in for a consultation some times clients ARE able to have their hair done on the same day, but all things must align in order for that to happen, which means we have the time in our schedule for you to have that style done and we have the materials (extension hair) on hand for those who want extension styles, etc.

We hope that you believe that you and your hair are worth making the sacrifice to have a consultation. If so, please fill out our consultation questionnaire and we will contact you within 48 hours to set up your consult appointment. We look forward to serving you.