Anu before and after

The montage above shows my hair before my cut, after the cut, shampooed, conditioned and styled using Anu Essentials line of products.

There is no time like spring to renew all things and this includes your hair.   One great way to revitalize  your hair is to have dry and split ends removed by a seasonal hair cut or hair trim.  What’s the difference between a hair cut and a hair trim?  A hair cut implies having all the split ends removed from your hair whether that means a quarter of an inch or 4 inches.  A hair cut can also means creating a stylized shape.  A hair trim typically means you’re not going for a fashion shape,  you’re simply having the damaged, split ends removed and your hair evened out.  It’s a basic shape.  For instance, you wouldn’t necessarily have a stylized shape if you are wearing your hair in protective styles [braids, twists,  weaves].  However, you will still need regular trims.  Locs can have a basic trim or they can be cut in a dynamic way.  But what some clients mean when they say trim, is that they are only willing to have a certain amount of hair cut off, no matter how much really needs to be cut off.  Cutting off all the splitting ends, keeping  just the hair that’s whole and healthy is the best practice for your hair.   For vibrant hair it is necessary to have all the split ends removed, even if you have to do so in stages because you are attached to your length.


In the left figure all split ends are removed.  In the right figure only partial split ends are removed and they will continue to travel up the shaft of the hair causing more damage and more hair that will need to be removed in the future.

We have had instances with clients in which they were unwilling to have all their split ends removed at one time.   We’ve all heard the story of “I went to have my hair trimmed and they cut all my hair off”?  That does happen at some salons because the Stylist may be “scissor happy” or just not listening to their clients needs and concerns.  At Khamit Kinks we make every attempt to communicate openly with clients about  their hair needs and what their options are, so that there’s no misunderstanding and hopefully no tears.

It’s interesting that when women are having chemical straightening services on their hair, they schedule hair cuts/trims every 4 to 6 weeks.  But once a woman goes natural, she believes she doesn’t need to care for her hair in this way.  Many think that natural hair doesn’t need to have a shape.  But if you are wearing your hair out, loose and you want to your hair to look exceptional, there’s no denying shaped hair looks more beautiful and cared for, whether chemically processed or natural.   Ask any gardener and they will tell your their plants grow thicker and healthier with regular pruning/ trimming/ cutting back what’s old and frazzled.  Split ends are fragile and break off, leaving your hair looking raggedy.


Cutting your ends on a consistent basis is great for the overall health of your hair because:

  • It keeps split ends from traveling up the shaft of your hair, which prevents more damaged hair
  • It keeps the integrity (strength) of your hair stable
  • Prevents breakage
  • Prevents tangled and knotted ends
  • Your hair has a more defined shape
  • Your hair looks more groomed and cared for
  • Hair appears thicker when trimmed
  • Having regular trims will mean that less hair has to be cut with each visit
  • Products are better able to perform on hair that is in good shape

It is best to have your hair trimmed every six weeks, but if that is beyond your budget, then I highly recommend having your ends cut at least once a season.  At the turn of each season just know, it’s time for a trim.  Put it in your calendar, put an alert on that entry and then book your appointment.  Or better yet, once you have your trim, pre-book for your next appointment so that you don’t even have to think about it,  like  with your dental  appointments, it’s scheduled and you don’t have that to consider to book that appointment.   Want thicker, healthier hair?  Then have your hair trimmed on a regular and consistent basis for best results.  This is just one of the many ways to put hair-care/ self-care, on your must-do list.

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