Khamit Kinks Chaka Khan Weave

Khamit Kinks Chaka Khan Weave

 A woman often looks refreshed in a brand new hairstyle and had I always thought brand new was best. But I’ve come to realize over the years, that when it comes to a freshly done hairstyle, brand new is definitely not my favorite stage.

There was a time when a new hairstyle meant days of pain and discomfort and popping pain-killers from too tight braids and weaves.  I never believed in that kind of styling and thank goodness that many have come to realize it isn’t necessary for hairstyles to hurt.  We all know by now that kind of tightness is not healthy for your hair, scalp or your mind.  I had a few hairstyles back in the day that kept me from sleeping through the night, because they were so tight.  And I quickly learned to just take them right out.   Especially after I had one crazy tight style that just kept getting tighter as the days went by… Whoever heard of that? It was counter-intuitive and I felt like I was loosing my mind.

Even for styles that are not tight at all, I still find many brand new hairstyles just aren’t nearly as beautiful as they become…  After a few days or even a couple of weeks there’s a subtle shift as time goes by and the style settles in and becomes more intrinsically yours.  It seems to take time for a style to take on and absorb your essence, before it relaxes and is able to come into its fullness. With time, the partings in certain hairstyles become more filled in, like with cornrows, single braids, twists, Locs or Sister Locks. Although that natural face lift that comes with some brand new hairstyles like cornrows, can be flattering. With Twist-Outs, Straw Sets, weaves and other loose hair type styles, time allows for greater volume and loveliness.  Even a freshly dyed head of hair can look better after a few days have gone by.

But have you ever had a style that looked it’s absolute best when it’s time for them to be taken down, combed out, to have it done over?  But there’s the temptation to keep putting off having it done over because of the continuous compliments on that settled in style that has really blossomed into expressing a part of you.

I once had a customer who came into the salon to have her Baby Curl Twist style taken out and she looked so starry eyed and dazzled.  When I asked what was going on, she shared that people kept stopping her along her way to the salon to compliment her on how fabulous her hair was.  She felt almost confused about whether or not she should still have it taken out.  But she also knew it was really time to remove it, because she had at least an inch of new growth and had she waited any longer to have that style removed, her hair would have started locking. And removing hair that has locked, causes breakage and loss of hair.  Admittedly, she did look like a gorgeous Lioness. I understood fully why people were stopping her.

I recently had a shape up on my current haircut and it was done a day before I was to have a  photo shoot.  While it made the shape of my cut more defined and crisp, I regretted that I hadn’t had the shape-up a week or two sooner, so my cut could be more settled in for my photo session.  I know for men who love a sharp haircut, this may sound a like a crazy idea and even some women who like their cuts “tight”, may not agree with this concept.  But I’ve  always preferred a soft look. And what I figured out is many brand-new styles are unable to look soft in the beginning. They don’t take on that softness until they’re ‘broken-in’ so to speak.

So lesson learned, the next time I have something important coming up, I’ll get my shape up a week or two before hand. What’s your take on this? Do you prefer your hair totally fresh, that first day look?  Or do you appreciate your new style better days or weeks after its freshly done?